Let's dance

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Maritza navarro


Maritza Navarro is a storyteller, writer, choreographer and producer who craves dancemaking on a primal level. She makes a living in the magical world of television and lives to make magic on the dance floor. As a first generation Mexican-American woman, her aesthetic as an artist focuses on the complex lives of minorities and how they face adversity in their diversity. Her choreography credits include ten years with the dance company LA Unbound, numerous dance festivals as well as film and choreography for live performances and musicals locally and internationally, as far as Cambodia. With a Master of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Southern California, Navarro’s strength lies in layered storytelling through mixed media -- video, projection and movement.

“Our greatest gift in our short time here on earth is to feel. I want to give that gift when I create, to tell a story and teach the audience something they didn’t know about themselves.”