a dance experience

Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the U.S.

It is the most common mental health issue to affect adults according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Despite this, anxiety and other mental health issues are still widely stigmatized, demonized and misunderstood. 


the main purpose of this show is to air out or ventilate our encounters with anxiety and panic disorder - with the intention of normalizing mental health.

The idea for the show is to create an experience, rather than just sequester the audience as viewers. As a producer and choreographer and anxiety/panic disorder sufferer myself, my goal is to blend the two worlds I love and create an experience that incorporates interviews, video projection and dance.

the experience


Still from NACHMOLA 2019 - Excerpt “Anxiety” from Hyperventilate

The audience is led through a "haunted house" of anxiety. From PANIC to Anxiety Disorder. From DEPRESSION to Coping. All led by a chorus of anxiety sufferers and a surrounded by live movement.


Anxiety is all-encompassing.

Interviews from anxiety sufferers will be projected and animated as a DUET with the dancers performing live, in front of the projection, much like the video above. 

The interviews will be both verbal and non-verbal, allowing both words and motion to act as a duet with the live dancers. 



The next section illustrates the heaviness and the force of gravity a person feels when he/she is recovering from or not experiencing an anxiety attack. 



The primal response to coping with depression or anxiety and we see the dancers portray this repetition of attempted movement.



Most healthy anxiety sufferers work to live with and control their anxiety daily, beginning with accepting it as a part of themselves.

nuts and bolts

Though the show is largely based in live performance, crowd sourcing through interviews and audience participation, there are many moving parts that are dependent on design, architecture and technology to achieve a thoroughly immersive and interactive show each time.

The experience relies on the choreography of each element to move the audience through the stages of anxiety, panic, depression and acceptance. 

While we have our building blocks for interviews and stories... we continue to learn from one another. Please join our community and share your own story @breatheonrepeat or #hyperventilate.


Be our dance partner

We are currently seeking partners in funding, building and marketing this experience. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner or funding our show.